Bio: Andrew Hood

Managing Director of Communications

Since 2000, Andrew Hood has worked to bring creativity and innovation to the delivery of God’s Word. He oversees the development of Scripture engagement content, digital innovation, marketing and branding at American Bible Society. In this role, Hood is continually exploring creative ways to allow people to encounter the Bible’s life-changing message.

Recognizing that while the message of the Bible never changes, how it is delivered is ever-changing; Hood and his team work to use technology to create new opportunities to share God’s Word.

An avid photographer, Hood’s keen eye for aesthetics gives him a unique approach to managing the creative teams at American Bible Society.

Prior to joining American Bible Society, Hood served as a youth minister, taught college writing classes and owned a digital media and communications consulting firm. He has a Master of Fine Arts in Writing from Vermont College and a bachelor’s degree from Louisiana State University.

Hood and his wife, Leah, live in Philadelphia with their two children.