November Is Angel Tree Blog Month

Bloggers nationwide join forces to bring hope to hurting children this Christmas

Become an Angel Tree Blogger and help stop the cycle! Blogging about children with a parent in prison can be a simple but powerful way to raise awareness for some of the most vulnerable and needy children in the United States.

More than 1.7 million children in America have a parent in prison. Through no fault of their own, these kids are also serving "hard time" while they are separated from mom or dad. These children often have behavior and performance problems at school, as well as experience social stigma and shame. Keeping children connected to their parent lowers the likelihood of recidivism for the parent and encourages parent-child bonding that can ease the sadness a child feels and break the intergenerational cycle of crime. View a list of the 50 most underserved counties in the U.S., where the largest number of children have been signed-up for the Angel Tree program but have yet to be claimed by a local church.

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Join Us.

We invite Christian bloggers of all walks of life who have a heart for bringing restoration to children and families to join us in blogging with Angel Tree.

Angel Tree bloggers have the opportunity to use their unique influence within the blogosphere to change the world by encouraging others to bring God’s message of love and redemption to families separated by prison bars. 

November is Angel Tree Blog Month

Every November, Prison Fellowship's Angel Tree recruits thousands of churches across the United States to join us in serving children and families. But, the need is great and we are always looking for people to volunteer to become a church coordinator, for individuals to spread the word about this hope-giving project, and for families who will commit to taking that simple Angel ornament off the Angel Tree at Christmas and help a child feel their parent's - and God's - love. Learn more about Angel Tree.

As an Angel Tree blogger, you can ensure that these children are not forgotten this Christmas. Weekly email tips will arm you with resources that you can use to blog about the program. These helpful tips, ideas, stories, facts and stats equip you to raise awareness about the issues children and families face when a parent is incarcerated.

Resources available include:


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